With more than 250,000 copies sold, this hugely successful handbook is a must

Title: Digital Photographer’s Handbook

Author: Tom Ang

ISBN: 1405316616

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd

Edition: Hardback

Review: Tom Ang’s Digital Photographer’s Handbook returns in a new incarnation, fully updated to celebrate more than 250,000 copies having been sold. Covering the complete photographic workflow, this by-now-familiar tome touches upon everything from equipment and techniques to special effects and photographic projects. As with previous versions of this handbook, Ang’s advice and photographic teachings are comprehensive and exhaustive.

Through 400 full-colour pages Ang leaves very few stones unturned, coaching readers on key and specialist kit and techniques, in addition to useful image-editing tricks. Although much of the book bears an extremely close resemblance to previous versions, pages have been refreshed with appealing new images, and a larger format gives more artistic prominence to these frequent flashes of inspiration. References to equipment and technological process have similarly been refreshed to reflect recent advancements in digital imaging.

Whether it is worth previous readers spending £25 upgrading to the latest version is debatable, but those novices in need of a complete photography bible will go a long way before finding a photographic read on par with this.