Review of the Datacolor Spyder 3

Manufacturer: Datacolor
Model: Spyder 3
Price: £150

Getting your best image possible entails more than a grasp of a particular image-editing program. In fact, all editing is in vain unless you’re looking at the right images to start with.

Monitor calibration isn’t a topic on everyone’s lips, but if they knew how easy it is then maybe it would be. Various options exist for this, such as this third incarnation of the Spyder Elite.

The monitor-mountable Spyder comes complete with software, a cradle and a couple of cleaning towelettes (one wet, one dry), and works with CRT and LCD monitors, as well as projectors and laptops.

Once the software is installed, and the Spyder is put into position, it presents a simple options screen to determine what monitor you are using and what levels of configuration the monitor is already capable of.

A quick reset of these and once the Spyder is positioned on the screen, it measures ambient light before the software shows it a series of coloured targets. This process takes only five minutes and ends in a range of sample images showing their appearance before and after calibration.

There is also the option of an advanced console, for the manual inputting of various values. This profile is then saved for future calibrations, and while its upfront cost may seem a little steep considering that the process takes around 10 minutes from installation, its cost should be spread over its long-term use.

If you do a lot of image editing, this tool provides an easy way to ensure colour accuracy in moments

Fast, Easy To Use

Not much

What Digital Camera Score: 88%