Review of the Giottos MT 9371 tripod and MH 7302 head

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: Tripod MT 9371 & MH 7302 Head
Price: £150 tripod, £75 Head

Probably the most popular and essential piece of any photographer’s kit, the tripod can make the difference between an average shot and a stunning one.

The Giottos Professional Aluminium Tripod MT 9371 ticks quite a few boxes, with its patented multi-function centre column allowing 180° vertical movement and 360° horizontal rotation as a lateral arm. Sturdiness is apparent throughout its use, and there are a host of angles that can be achieved courtesy of the MH 7302 Fluid Ball Head.

The anodised coating on both items ensures longevity against wear and tear, with both the tripod and the ball head all sporting bubble levels – ideal for landscape shots.

The legs and column of the tripod are made from seamless aluminium tubing, and give it a lightness to benefit any photographer having to carry it long distances. The dustproof locking system should ensure that no grit enters the threads of the tripod, thus not causing a hindrance when shortening or extending the legs. The locks are of the screw variety, not clasp locks, so they might not be to everyone’s taste – but this is something that is down to personal preference.

A particularly handy element of the tripod was its removable rubber feet, revealing a metal spike to ensure non-slip contact with a variety of surfaces such as wet soil or gravel.

A good option for landscape photographers looking for a tripod and head combination of sturdy construction that is fully adjustable and easy to carry.

Ease of use, quick release plate, strong

Not much

What Digital Camera Score: 85%