Review of the Crumpler Jimmy BO 500 camera bag

Manufacturer: Crumpler
Model: Jimmy BO 500
Price: £33

Curious in both its design and name, Crumpler’s Jimmy Bo 500 holds one DSLR/ tele lens combo, or a smaller body and separate lens. At first it appears as a straightforward – albeit unconventional – bag, though the tongue-styled divider separates the inside into two convenient compartments, with a Velcro pad on its underside for a more permanent way of designating space. Three mesh-lined pockets inside provide space for media cards and other small items.

The bag’s design is fairly ambiguous in suggesting how it should be carried, though that’s precisely the point; the wide strap serves as both a shoulder and waist strap, with a smaller strap at the bottom for securing the bag to the upper leg. The wide opening makes removing items easy, and the zip isn’t as cumbersome to move as on some of Crumpler’s other bags, though this makes it easier to open (and hence less secure), however, the extra leg strap does give it added security.


Could be more secure

Our Verdict:
With its dual-carrying functionality the bag scores points, and for around £30 it’s not bad value either.

What Digital Camera Score: 85%