The most integral aspect of photography is often overlooked, but not here...

Title: Basics Photography: Lighting

Author: David Prakel

ISBN: 2940373035

Publisher: Ava Publishing

Edition: Paperback

Review: The most integral aspect of photography, lighting is often overlooked in favour of more technique-oriented elements. Serving both film and digital enthusiasts, David Prakel’s Lighting examines its key principles, going back to basics with how it works and its effect upon images. The book goes on to explore a variety of lighting techniques and provides a continuous glossary and shooting information on the featured photographs.

Though hardly the most comprehensive book written on the subject, its handy size and range of subject matter covered, together with the clear manner in which it is written, makes it a great staring point to learn about lighting techniques or simply to assist you in achieving accurate and pleasing exposures. A useful book with plenty to inspire, and a worthy companion in any photographer’s bag.

What Digital Camera Score: 91%