A highly recommended read that invites you to shoot, enhance and enjoy

Title: A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Close-up Photography

Author: John Clements

ISBN: 2884790624

Publisher: Ava Publishing

Edition: Paperback

Review: The Comprehensive Guide To Digital… series has been established for a number of years and close-up photography is the latest topic to be tackled. The book starts with an overview of digital photography including kit and shooting tips, before progressing onto more intermediate advice about photographing different subjects, including paper and moving objects. Colour and mono both have dedicated chapters and the final section – Advanced Imaging – looks at effects you can attain in Photoshop.

Split into three sections – ‘Shoot’, ‘Enhance’ and ‘Enjoy’ – each chapter is thoughtfully constructed making it easy to digest the information. Shooting tips, background information, grabs from Photoshop and quotes from the photographer, all sit alongside the main image. From simple macro shots, to abstracts and more advanced examples of Photoshop wizardry, not only do the images look superb but also each serves to illustrate a particular technique or function. Compared to photographic genres like landscape or portrait, there are few books on close-up or macro photography and this is highly recommended.