High definition video is no longer just a quirky addition to the feature list of a digital camera. After the first inclusion of video on a DSLR back in 2008, models of every level from professional through to entry-level cameras are boasting HD movie abilities. The introduction of mirrorless interchangeable models, or Micro System Cameras (MSC), have led to further advances, as without the hassles of a mirror in front of a sensor, capturing video can be as natural for these models as taking stills. Our exclusive test back in the April 2010 issue of What Digital Camera revealed the Lumix GH1 to be the best camera option for HD video fans but, with the arrival of a new challenger, the Canon EOS 550D, will the GH1 maintain its title. Or, will this new cheaper option from Canon steal the show?
For this test we will focus purely on the video abilities of the two cameras, rather than the cameras as a whole and will be looking at functionality, control and quality, as well as value for money.

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Or click on the links below to see the head-to-head test of their video functions

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Panasonic GH1
  3. 3. Canon EOS 550D
  4. 4. Video specs
  5. 5. Sound and Verdict
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