Ilford Galerie Lustre Duo

Ilford Galerie Lustre Duo

Ilford’s Smooth Lustre Duo paper shares likenesses to its Smooth Pearl media. It’s in the same Galerie Prestige range and it has a similar base weight of 280gsm. The main difference between this media and others is that it’s double-sided. This makes it suitable for many different purposes, such as saving the hassle of printing two sheets when mounting work within transparent portfolio sleeves. What’s more, it’s a paper that could be good for wedding albums or premium invitations, but it won’t give you the same durable feel as the thicker Baryta papers offered by Fotospeed and Canson. The finish of the paper is to an extremely high standard, and it’s capable of producing excellent levels of detail in dark shadowed areas, with impressive control in the brightest highlights too.

Created for Epson, Canon and HP inkjet printers, it’s available in three different sizes – A4, A3+ and 12x12in. If you opt for a box of A3+ you’ll generally get 25 sheets in a pack for around £55, which works out at £2.20 a sheet. An ICC profile is also available.


Weight: 280gsm
A4 x 100 sheets: £45
12in x 12in x 20 sheets: £37
A3+ x 25 sheets: £55

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