Fotospeed Platinum 

If you crave a traditional darkroom finish to your prints, you’ll want to look at a Baryta media such as Fotospeed’s Platinum Baryta paper. For those unfamiliar with the word Baryta, it stands for barium-sulphate, a clay-like material that’s used as a coating to hold a chemical emulsion and provide a smooth, reflective finish that’s in between matt and gloss. The finish of Baryta can be described as being similar to lustre, though it’s frequently used with optical brighteners to increase the whiteness of the media and extend its tonal range.

This paper produces smooth transitions between delicate highlights and the deepest blacks in an image, and is suitable with all commercial thermal and piezo water-based printers, such as Epson, Canon, HP and Kodak. The paper density is 300gsm and it’s available in many sizes from A4 to A2, including 15m rolls. Expect an A3+ box of 20 sheets to cost around £56 (£2.80 a sheet) and Fotospeed offers an ICC profile for Epson, Canon and Fotospeed inks directly from its website.  


Weight: 300gsm
A4 x 20 sheets: £23
A3 x 20 sheets: £44
A3+ x 20 sheets: £56
ICC profile:

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Epson Premium Luster
  3. 3. Ilford Galerie Lustre Duo
  4. 4. Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl
  5. 5. PermaJet Oyster
  6. 6. Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique
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