Epson Premium Luster

Epson Premium Luster

Epson’s Premium Luster falls into its professional paper range, and has a base weight of 240gsm, making it noticeably thinner than some other papers in this roundup. Though it’s not as durable as 300gsm or 310gsm papers, ink doesn’t bleed when it comes in contact with water. Just like all of the other media we’ve tested, the ink was dry to touch straight after printing, but Epson does recommend that 24 hours are given before the ink is cured and durable.

Suitable for use with Archival, UltraChrome and dye Epson inks, the paper produced excellent colour reproduction. A comparison with our other prints, however, revealed the paper didn’t retain as much detail in the darkest shadows, although the detail in the highlights was comparable. It’s available in sizes from A4 to A2, with various rolls offered for large format printers. If you’re after A3+, this is usually sold in 100-sheet boxes for £111, working out at £1.11 a sheet, or £27.75 for 25 sheets. Those using an Epson printer will find the profile is already pre-installed and ready to use from the profile list.


Weight: 260gsm
A4 x 250 sheets: £110.67
A3+ x 100 sheets: £111.11
A2 x 25 sheets: £40
ICC profile:

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