Andy Hooper is one of rare few sports photographers who has traveled the world and photographed nearly every sport under the sun. In his latest book, Capture the Moment, he offers lots of advice for future sports snappers who'd like to go all the way and photograph the most prestigious of sporting events - the Olympic games.

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Capture the Moment by Andy Hooper

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Author – Andy Hooper

Publisher – Wiley

– Paperback


When it comes to shooting action there aren’t many sports, if any, that chief sports photographer for the Daily Mail, Andy Hopper, hasn’t covered. As we all eagerly await London 2012, Andy’s running through his final preparations in readiness for shooting his fourth Olympic games and this book offers an insight into the pressures and demands that a professional sports press photographer undertakes.

With clear technical information as well as creative guidance, his advice in broken down into two key Chapters – Outdoor sports and Indoor sports, offering his own opinion along the way on how to shoot everything from diving to table tennis. Throughout there are nuggets of fascinating advice on what focal length lenses are best for which sports and how camera settings play one of the biggest parts in whether you bag the shot or not. For example did you know to capture a shuttlecock perfectly in flight you need a 1/1000sec shutter speed?

Supporting the tips, ideas and advice are a wide selection of Andy’s most prestigious shots including some stunning examples of underwater photography. If you’re a sports snapper looking to refine your technique or find inspiration from a man who’s been there and done it, it’s a interesting read that offers a good personal opinion rather than just your usual do’s and don’ts.