Adobe Lightroom Mobile Review - Lightroom users have been demanding a mobile version of the all-in-one editing software for quite some time, but can Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile app cut it as one of the best portable editing solutions on the iPad?

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile


Adobe Lightroom Mobile Review


Lightroom Mobile is a slick app to use and from the moment I started using I appreciated how stable an editing platform it is for cloud savvy photographers who’d like to work on the go and speed up their workflow.

No hiccups were experienced in terms of performance or operation, however it did take a bit of time getting into the routine of creating a collection for the images we wanted to sync with the iPad before waiting for them to appear on the app.

The way the interface has been designed to work as intuitively as Lightroom itself makes it a breeze to navigate and anyone coming from Lightroom to Lightroom Mobile will be able to pick it up very easily.

For photographers with an iPad who’d like to flag up images based on how good they are, or make basic adjustments to images while they’re on a flight, long journey, or in a remote area with no Wi-fi, it’s an app worth downloading.

The area where it needs to improve however is in the advanced tools and functionality it offers. There were numerous occasions where we wanted to apply a post-crop vignette, use the localised adjustment tools and apply lens corrections.

If Lightroom mobile is to offer the same level of functionality and customisation as Lightroom itself, there’s a lot of work to be done behind the scenes, but Adobe should be applauded for creating such an intuitive cloud-based mobile editing app for the iPad.

It’s an excellent starting point from which to develop it further for the more advanced photographer and Lightroom user.

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