UPDATED 8th November, 2012. Released at the end of 2010 the Canon EOS 60D succeeded the EOS 50D that came out in 2008. Despite being over two years old, the Canon EOS 60D is still listed as a current model within Canon’s DSLR range. But can it cut it against the newer competition. The What Digital Camera review finds out...

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Canon EOS 60D

Overall score:91%
Image Quality:90%


  • Image quality, vari-angle screen, build quality


  • Mode lock, multi-controller, number of AF points


Canon EOS 60D Review


Price as reviewed:



The 60D has been launched into a market that has changed drastically since the arrival of its previous incarnation, in part due to the introduction of the EOS 7D. For this reason the 60D does seem more consumer-led than previous models and is designed more for ease and simplicity to allow it to fill the space more naturally between the 7D and the 550D.

The host of new features are generally to its benefit, especially in the case of the vari-angle high-resolution screen and the Full HD video capture. The mode button lock and the new multi-controller won’t suit all users however – especially those used to older Canon models. For those upgrading or looking for a high-performance mid-range DSLR however, you won’t be disappointed. The 60D is fast, easy to use and produces stunning results.

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