UPDATED 8th November, 2012. Released at the end of 2010 the Canon EOS 60D succeeded the EOS 50D that came out in 2008. Despite being over two years old, the Canon EOS 60D is still listed as a current model within Canon’s DSLR range. But can it cut it against the newer competition. The What Digital Camera review finds out...

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Canon EOS 60D

Overall score:91%
Image Quality:90%


  • Image quality, vari-angle screen, build quality


  • Mode lock, multi-controller, number of AF points


Canon EOS 60D Review


Price as reviewed:



Launched with a RRP of £1,099 body-only, the Canon EOS 60D can now be picked up for less that £700
body only, or around £900 if purchased with the 17-85mm IS lens that was used on this test. This represents a significant saving of around £400 on the original list price.

Given that the next model up in the Canon range – the three-year-old EOS 7D – currently costs around £1100, and the newer (full-frame) Canon EOS 6D will set you
back close to £1800, the EOS 60D offers a pretty sound investment – at least for those photographers who’ve used Canon DSLRs in the past and who have built up a range of Canon mount lenses.

For those that are not already tied to a DSLR system, the Nikon D7000 is the D60’s most direct competitor having launched at around the same time with a similar price and targeted at the same enthusiast market. It too has seen a fairly large fall in price, from around £1100 body-only at launch to nearer £700 now – almost identical to the Canon EOS 60D. Both cameras have their own strengths and weaknesses, although all said and done the D7000 did pip the EOS 60D by a single point with regards to their overall review scores.

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