Canon EOS M3 Review - The EOS M3 represents Canon’s first real step in to the enthusiast CSC market, and looks set to shake it up. See how it gets on in our full Canon EOS M3 Review.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


Canon EOS M3

Image Quality:90%


  • Excellent design and user interface; Pleasing image quality; Huge improvement on predecessor


  • Focusing speed and continuous shooting still behind competition; Lacking built-in viewfinder; Poor kits lens


Canon EOS M3 Review


Price as reviewed:

£599.00 (with EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM zoom)

Canon EOS M3 Review – Hands-on First Look

Although it might fairly be considered somewhat of a DSLR powerhouse, Canon has yet to really hit the mark when it comes to the compact system camera market.

The EOS M was first on sale in the middle of 2012 and received mixed reviews due to the combination of an enthusiast price tag with a relatively entry-level feature set. The EOS M2 followed at the end of 2013, although it never even actually made the shelves of Europe and America.

With the newly-announced EOS M3, Canon has taken a new approach to the sector. The model sports a complete design and looks set to appeal to the enthusiast photographer. We took a look at the new camera at Canon HQ ahead of its launch.

Canon EOS M3 hands on 4

The Canon EOS M3 certainly has the look and feel of a camera which has undergone careful consideration, while the specification builds upon that of its predecessor.

Canon claims, for example, that the AF performance is some six times quicker than the original EOS M, and as such the model is instantly more attractive to the more serious photographer.

The model benefits from a new 24.3MP sensor and DIGIC 4 processor, delivering an ISO range of 100-12800, extendable to ISO 25600. The sensor is also capable of capturing Full HD video with full manual control over settings, while a stereo microphone socket is also present.

The model does feature a reasonably sized variangle touchscreen LCD, although unfortunately it’s lacking in a built-in viewfinder – an accessory viewfinder is available which attaches to the M3’s hot-shoe.

Other core features include a reasonable built-in flash and both Wi-fi and NFC functionality for wireless control and the sharing of images.

Canon EOS M3 hands on 3

The EOS M3 is entirely different to the M3 in terms of design. The body is now formed of an all-metal shell which instantly gives the M3 a more premium and sturdy feel, while the control interface itself is entirely different to before.

The camera features a set of dials on its top plate which offer control over exposure modes, exposure compensation and general functionality, all of which complement the touchscreen functionality ably.

The rear of the camera houses dedicated button for functions such as ISO and flash modes, and the combination of all of these on-body controls makes the camera better suited to the enthusaist.

Canon EOS M3 hands-on 1

Final Thoughts

Even having only spent a short amount of time with the new camera, it’s easy to see that it’s a great improvement on the previous generation of EOS CSC. AF speeds are noticeable much sharper, while the overall look and feel, along with the control set-up overhaul, are certainly impressive.

The only real hesitation with the camera is the lack of native EF-M lenses currently available. The range currently only sits at four, although there are plans for this to be expanded and, of course, there is a lens mount adapter to allow the camera to be used with EF lenses.

On the whole the EOS M is a CSC to get excited about, and we can’t wait to review it.

The Canon EOS M3 will be on sale from April 2015 with an rrp of £599 with the 18-55mm kit lens


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