Fujifilm X30 Review - The X30 faces some stiff competition in the premium compact market, although if it follows its X20 predecessor it should do well

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Fujifilm X30

Image Quality:85%


  • Several key upgrades on its predecessor; Great build quality; Excellent AF performance, USB battery charging


  • Sensor size is smaller than some key rivals, noise performance at high ISOs, some small buttons at the rear


Fujifilm X30 Review


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Fujifilm X30 Review – Verdict

Fujifilm X30 review - front view

Fujifilm X30 product shot 20

Although it might not have the highest resolution sensor out of the current crop of premium compact cameras, there are other areas in which the X30 outperforms its peers comprehensively.

For example the EVF is, put simply, the best out of any compact camera currently on the market. Throw in a truly premium level of build quality, blisteringly fast AF speed and a generally high level of all round performance, and you start to get the idea that resolution isn’t everything.

So while it might struggle in low light conditions in comparison to its rivals, there’s certainly enough to recommend the X30 as one of the very best of its type for under £500.

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