Fujifilm X30 Review - The X30 faces some stiff competition in the premium compact market, although if it follows its X20 predecessor it should do well

Product Overview

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Fujifilm X30

Image Quality:85%


  • Several key upgrades on its predecessor; Great build quality; Excellent AF performance, USB battery charging


  • Sensor size is smaller than some key rivals, noise performance at high ISOs, some small buttons at the rear


Fujifilm X30 Review


Price as reviewed:


Fujifilm X30 Review – Design

Fujifilm X30 Review - lens extended

Fujifilm X30 top panel

The first thing that strikes you when you pick up the Fujifilm X30 is how solid it feels in the hand. In fact, it’s more akin to Fujifilm’s X series of CSCs than it is premium compacts when it comes to its robust body.

This solid build quality does come at something of a cost however, and at nearly 400g in weight it’s certainly heavier than its main competitors.

This robust build and relatively bulky body might be a concern, but when you get down to operating the camera any concerns are generally allayed.

Fujifilm X30 product shot 17

Fujifilm X30 rubberised grip

Button layout

The body boasts a pleasing rubberised grip which gives the camera a tactile feel, while the camera’s top plate features a collection of metal dials and a threaded shutter release button. The top plate itself welcomes the addition of a small movie record button and the raising of the exposure compensation dial from its previously recessed location.

The rear of the camera also sees some shuffling of controls, with the buttons to the right of the new vari-angle screen taking up an arrangement similar to the acclaimed X-E2.

One welcome new addition to the camera’s control set-up is a control ring located just behind the zoom ring. This control ring is customisable, allowing for adjustment of white balance, ISO and continuous shooting – amongst others – with a simple and tactile twist.

The zoom ring sits just in front of this control ring, and it moves smoothly through the range while also doubling up as the X30’s power switch.

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