Fujifilm X30 Review - The X30 faces some stiff competition in the premium compact market, although if it follows its X20 predecessor it should do well

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Fujifilm X30

Image Quality:85%


  • Several key upgrades on its predecessor; Great build quality; Excellent AF performance, USB battery charging


  • Sensor size is smaller than some key rivals, noise performance at high ISOs, some small buttons at the rear


Fujifilm X30 Review


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Fujifilm X30 Review – Performance

Fujifilm X30 review - screen out

Fujifilm X30 vari-angle LCD

The X30 features an impressive specification and should be capable of some good operational figures. On the whole, pleasingly this is the case.

The model’s EXR Processor II promises some decent continuous shooting speeds and during testing we found that it generally met these claims. The X30 delivered 18 JPEGs at 12fps in Super High burst mode, with this rate dropping down to 9fps if you’re attempting to shoot both Raw and JPEG files at the same time.

Although this burst depth isn’t the most impressive on the market, for a compact camera they are certainly up there with the very best.

The addition of the model’s EVF is another of the areas highlighted by Fujifilm, and this is certainly another welcome feature. An eye sensor allows its use automatically, and when up and running it delivers a truly impressive image reproduction.

Fujifilm X30 review - rear

Fujifilm X30 rear LCD and EVF

Impressive EVF

The image is both bright and clear, while it delivers an excellent amount of detail. It also offers clear shooting information reproduction, and as such is often preferable to using the LCD screen when shooting in the field.

In fact, often the viewfinder on a compact camera is an overlooked area, whereas on the X30 it’s one of the camera’s real highlights.

The extended battery life of the X30 is certainly a welcome feature, and there’s another little trick which further extends the battery life.

Rather than having to extend the camera’s lens to power the whole camera up when reviewing images, you can instead just hold the image playback button for three seconds.

This will bring up the most recently captured image and allow for review of all captured images without powering up the image capture functionality – a seemingly small feature but one that when used often in the field can preserve a lot of battery life.

Fujifilm X30 review - front angled

Fujifilm X30 AF performance

AF settings

Fujifilm has made some fairly lofty claims with regards to is focusing speeds, claiming an acquisition time of just 0.06 seconds in single AF mode. In testing conditions these claims generally ring true, with the X30 locking on to subjects both accurately and quickly.

The only time it noticeably slowed was at the tele end of the zoom, although it still manages fast focusing speeds.

In low light conditions the X30 generally looks to utilise its bright AF assist beam to gain focus, although even when you decide to switch off this beam the camera still gains focus quickly and accurately.

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