Canon PowerShot G7 X Review - The Canon PowerShot G7 X is the manufacturer's answer to the new breed of pocketable compacts enabled with larger sensors

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Canon PowerShot G7 X

Image Quality:90%


  • Excellent LCD touchscreen; Great image quality; Premium design; Good focal range


  • AF system not the best; Lacking a hotshoe


Canon PowerShot G7 X Review


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Canon PowerShot G7 X Review – Image Quality

Colour and white balance

In standard colour modes and when shooting JPEG files, the G7 X captures an even balance of well rendered colour. If there is any bias it’s likely with a view towards skin tone rendition and the blues found in skies in landscape photography.

Colours are also well and evenly saturated, with good contrast and reliable performance from the camera’s white balance.


The general metering performance is similarly reliable, delivering even exposures. The metering is most likely designed with Raw shooters in mind as it minimises clipping in bright areas of the frame and as a result allows for more detail to be brought in to the images in post production.

It’s also worth pointing out that the G7 X boasts an impressive dynamic range, certainly on a pair with its main Sony RX100 competitors.


Thanks to the relatively high resolution and physical size of the sensor, the G7 X is capable of resolving a good amount of detail. This amount of detail resolved remains consistent up to around ISO 6400, at which point it begins to drop fairly steadily due to noise reduction.


Images are, somewhat understandably, their most noise-free between the lower ISO settings of 125 to 400. Noise becomes apparent at the slightly higher settings of ISO 800 and 1600, although these two settings are certainly still usable.

Even at the highest settings however, when noise does become a bit of an issue, files still remain usable and noise can be removed with careful processing.

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