Pen tablet manufacturer Wacom has announced a special edition of its pen tablet range, the Graphire4 Classic White Edition.

Pen tablet manufacturer Wacom has announced a special edition of its pen tablet range aimed at design oriented users, the Graphire4 Classic White Edition.

Designed to match white laptops and computers particularly from Apple, the new pen tablet provides the features and pressure sensitivity of the rest of the Graphire4, suitable for image editing and optimising digital photographs.

The special edition comes in either A6 or A5 size and will be available in November 2006 in time for Christmas. The Classic White Edition pen tablet offers exactly the same features and functionality as the existing Graphire4 Classic pen tablet, which is styled in metallic silver. Two freely programmable buttons (ExpressKeys) are located at the top of the tablet, which can be configured with frequently used modifier keys such as Ctrl and Alt. Also integrated is a scroll wheel, which is designed for zooming in and out of photographs or for browsing.

The pen, which is also styled in white, comes with a rubberised grip area for increased comfort. There are two buttons on the pen, which are set as right and double-click by default. For quick corrections, the pen can be flipped upside down in order to use the pressure sensitive eraser at the other end. The white pen has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity for precision and works with Wacom?s patented cordless and battery-free pen technology.

Wacom?s new pen tablet comes with Corel Painter Essentials3 (PC/Mac) and will cost £74.99 for an A6 version and £149.99 for A5. More info is available at