Casio has released another long zoom compact in the form of the EXILIM EX-H5. The model is set to sit alongside the EX-H10 and EX-H15 in the range, offering very similar specs. In fact the main difference between the EX-H5 and EX-H10 is the screen size, as the latter has a 3″ LCD and the former a 2.7″. Elsewhere there’s a 720p HD movie mode, new colour engine and various auto Best Shot modes.
The EX-FH25 is a superzoom model with a 20x optical zoom and 10MP sensor, along with a 1000fps low res movie mode. There’s also a 720p movie mode and the option to shoot in Raw. Both cameras have yet to have a confirmed release or UK price, but watch this space for more details as they become available. Alternatively head to

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