Entries for the 2010 international Travel Photographer of the Year awards (TPOTY) close on October 9th.

Open to amateur and professional photographers from across the globe, TPOTY 2010 offers a fantastic prize package, along with the kudos and international exposure that comes with winning this prestigious contest. In 2009 alone, photographers from over 70 countries submitted images for the TPOTY awards.

The 2010 prize package includes trips to South East Asia, Botswana, India and Nepal with Intrepid Travel, TPOTY cash bursaries, Adobe Photoshop software, a Wacom Cintiq 12WX interactive pen display and Intuos4 and Bamboo Fun pen tablets, Lexar Professional CompactFlash memory cards and card readers, LEE filters, customised leather portfolio books from Plastic Sandwich, and fine art Giclée exhibition prints from Genesis Imaging.

Prizes for new and emerging photographers include Young Photographers Alliance portfolio reviews and places on the YPA mentoring programme, the chance of representation from Axiom Photographic Agency, and Photo Iconic photography tuition and image critiques.

The winning images will be displayed at TPOTY exhibitions, including Adventure Travel Live in London (January 28th -30th 2011) and will feature in the next TPOTY ‘Journey’ book.

Awards and categories

TPOTY 2010 features three portfolio categories for amateur and professional photographers – ‘World in Motion’, ‘Encounters’ and ‘Amazing Places’. There are also two single image categories – One Shot (theme: Adventures), which is for experienced amateurs and professional photographers, and First Shot (theme: Festival of Colour), which is aimed at adult beginners.

The New Talent award (theme: Sell It!) is for aspiring professional photographers, and the Young Travel Photographer of the Year is divided into two age groups for the first time – 14 and under and 15-18.

Deadlines and entry fees

Each portfolio category costs £15 per entry, One Shot and First Shot cost £10 to enter, and New Talent £20. Young TPOTY is free to enter. Entries close on October 9th 2010 and the results will be announced in December. Images can be uploaded at www.tpoty.com or entrants can submit prints direct.

Full details of the awards and how to enter can be found on www.tpoty.com.