Think Tank Photo releases the first rain cover specifically designed to be pre-mounted for quick deployment

Think Tank Photo has announced the release of the Hydrophobia 300-600 – the first rain cover specifically designed to be pre-mounted for quick deployment. When in the field, where inclement weather can destroy a shot or gear, this simple system allows for quick deployment to protect your equipment.
When it appears it may rain, you can attach the Hydrophobia over your lenses before going out into the field, rolling it up tight and out of the way. Then, when weather threatens, you simply unroll the rain cover over the rest of the lens and body, securely protecting both. The rain cover fits onto a 300 f2.8, 400 f2.8, 500 f4, and 600 f4, making it ideally suited for sports and nature photographers.
Hydrophobia comes with two extended sleeves through which photographers insert their arms to access all of their camera controls. It allows them to shoot vertically in either direction, and they can add a tele-converter to the lens by simply unzipping the back. (Eyepieces for different camera models are sold separately.)
According to Think Tank Photo, the fabric used on the Hydrophobia is ten times as waterproof as normal fabric. Instead of a spray coating, a film is applied to the underside of the fabric, as well as a tricot mesh to protect it. In addition a waterproof tape is applied to all seams, providing an even more waterproof barrier.

It costs £99.50 and is available now at AJ Purdy (Harlow, Essex); Jacobs Photo & Video (London; Cardiff; Leicester; Newcastle) and online at; Fixation (London); Morris Photographic (Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire); Speed Graphic (Alton, Hampshire); Clifton Cameras (Dursley, Gloucestershire); and online at