Cash back offers have been made available across the range of Samsung SMART cameras

Samsung has revealed a cash back initiative for any customers purchasing a camera from the Samsung SMART range.

Running from October 18th through to January 9th, some of the offers available include £100 cash back upon purchasing a Samsung NX20. Purchase a Samsung NX210 and the same £100 cash back offer applies and if you buy a Samsung NX1000 there’s a £50 cash back offer available.

Other cash back offers include the Samsung MV900F and EX2F, both of which have £50 cash back, while the Samsung ST200 and DV300F come with £20 cash back.

Once a SMART camera has been purchased, a pre paid visa card loaded with cash will be sent back to the customer via post, amounts vary according to which camera is purchased and all transactions will go through Citigroup.

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