Firmware 1.1.1 has been released for the Canon EOS 1D X and addresses concerns experienced by professional photographers from around the world

Canon has released a firmware update for its professional DSLR, the EOS 1D X. Firmware version 1.1.1 offers new functionality and improved performance following direct feedback from photographers around the world who have been using Canon’s EOS 1D X in a range of conditions and environments.

One of the issues the firmware update addresses is in AI Servo AF mode. Shooting in low-light, viewfinder information is now illuminated, with AF points blinking intermittently in red, allowing them to be easily confirmed whilst shooting, without affecting the metering of the scene.

Getting closer to the action is also made easier. The firmware update allows photographers to use extenders to increase the focal length of their super telephoto lenses, whilst maintaining the use of AF to capture a crisp, clear shot. Enabling the utilisation of telephoto zoom L series lenses plus extender, the centre AF point (one cross-type with four supporting points) can now be used to auto focus at a maximum aperture of f/8.

Canon EOS-1D X Firmware v1.1.1 also fixes the phenomenon where the metering value of the AE sensor becomes abnormal, affecting the final image. It also corrects a phenomenon where Error 70 may occur during AEB shooting, corrects a phenomenon where the firmware of the lenses cannot be updated normally and also includes minor corrections to the Arabic menu.

The firmware update v 1.1.1 is released for cameras with current firmware up to v 1.0.6. Firmware update v 1.1.1 is available to download now from:

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