The latest NEX-7 firmware update promises better handling and improved creative functions. Find out more below

Sony has announced a brand-new firmware update. Designed to improve handling and creative functions for the NEX-7, it’s available as a free download from Sony’s support website. The update adds the following two key shooting enhancements:

Enable/disable MOVIE button

In the past there has always been a risk of accidentally hitting the movie-record button and commencing a video unintentionally. Operation of the rear-mounted movie-record button can now be disabled, avoiding the risk of accidental operation during stills shooting.

Wider exposure bracketing

The range of exposure bracketing options has also been increased with the addition of wider 1.0EV, 2.0EV and 3.0EV steps (bracketing increments were previously 1/3EV or 2/3EV). In Auto AE bracketing mode, the NEX-7 shoots a high-speed burst of three frames at different exposure values, allowing photographers to pick the best frame.

The update also adds further refinements that enhance operability and ease of use for NEX-7 customers. These include improved auto image review, improved image quality with wide-angle lenses and improved indication when setting Flexible Spot AF Area.

To update an NEX-7, users are advised to head to

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