Samyang's new wide-angle boasts a wide aperture and a new anti-reflection coating

The new wide-angle 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS NCS CS lens from Samyang has a field of view of up to 109.5 degrees, a rectilinear mapping function and an aperture range of f/2.8 to f/22.

The 10mm is the first lens from Samyang that features a nano crystal anti-reflection coating system, which provides a lower reflection factor than Samyang’s UMC (Ultra Multi Coating) system by spreading the coating more evenly across the surface of the lens.

Samyang says this nano crystal layer will also provide better light transmission and higher contrast. The lens hood pictured is embedded.

The lens is available in the following fittings:

  • Canon EOS
  • Nikon AE
  • Pentax K
  • Sony A
  • Canon M
  • Fujifilm X
  • Samsung NX
  • Sony E
  • Four Thirds
  • Micro Four Thirds

The Samyang 10mm 1:2.8 ED AS NCS CS will be available from the end of January 2014. The Nikon fit version is £469.99, all other fittings are priced £429.99.