Three new 16-megapixel compacts announced at CES 2012: the ST88, ST77 and ST66

ST88, ST77 & ST66 press release:

The 16.1-megapixel Samsung ST88, ST77 and ST66. Beautifully styled yet powerful, the range boasts sleek, modern designs that deliver flawless images, whilst a host of fun features help inject maximum creativity into everyday shots.

The elegant new brushed-metal designs of the ST88, ST77 and ST66 give the range a classic, premium look that conveys a refined sense of style. All ST devices are compact enough to fit into any pocket and be taken anywhere to capture spontaneous moments. Each model is available in a range of vibrant colours, including black, white and plum so there’s something to suit everyone.

Aided by the optical image stabilisation available on the ST88 and ST77, clear and steady images can now be achieved by any photographer, anywhere, regardless of experience. Even when the light begins to dim, there is no reason to slow down. The F2.5 25mm wide angle bright lens available on all of the models is ideal for low-light shooting, thanks to its superior ability to capture light and therefore clear shots in the dark. The 5x optical zoom on each model ensures that detail isn’t lost when deciding to take a closer look. Captured on the 16 Megapixel CCD sensors, the ST range means that you never have to compromise the quality of your pictures.  

The ST range includes a range of features that can capture every inch and every angle required, making spontaneous video and photographs better than ever. The ST77 and ST66 include 720p HD Movie Recording at 30fps, so users can capture high quality scenes. On the ST88, those moments can be enjoyed instantly in crystal-clear detail through the 3in VGA LCD screen.

Nick White, Head of Digital Imaging, Samsung Electronics UK, said: ‘The ST range has always focused on bringing consumers the best in photography, encapsulated in a camera that’s not only easy to carry everywhere, but is stylish enough for you to be proud of, reflecting your own personal style. With our new metallic designs and colours, we have continued in this commitment to combine superior imaging quality, cutting-edge aesthetics and features such as OIS and Live Panoramas to produce outstanding results’.

Live Panorama to get everyone in the shot!

Live Panorama, featured on the new ST models, allows you to capture even more of the action, facilitating wide panoramic shots, from sprawling mountain peaks through to large groups of friends. The function allows the easy capture of large scenes by simply holding down the shutter button and sweeping the camera across the scene. Users can even preview the whole scene they’ve just captured via the LCD screen.

Smart Auto for the best possible picture

Smart Auto 2.0, available on the new ST series, identifies and automatically selects the most appropriate of its scene modes to provide you with the best possible result every time. From a fireworks display to a dimly-lit party, scene detection technology identifies the shooting conditions and automatically tailors the settings to help achieve outstanding results.

Fun features to make your world come to life

Want to turn a portrait into an old film still, or put a friend’s face on a billboard? With the Magic Frame feature, it’s easy to create clever, poster-like images by selecting one of the built-in background templates, such as Wall Art, Full Moon, Magazine or Holiday. Point the camera at your subject, align it within the on-screen template and capture the fun.

For when one picture just isn’t enough, the Picture in Picture feature lets you insert one image within another – take one background shot, select the area to erase and then frame up your second shot in the space left behind.

You can also bend, stretch, and warp your friends and family with the Funny Face feature. Simply press the 5-direction key to enlarge heads or noses, or create hilarious distortions. And when you move the camera, Face Tracking preserves the funny looks just the way you want them.