Scan your old film into high definition digital formats with the new range of Plustek Opticfilm 35mm scanners

Plustek’s new range of OpticFilm 35mm scanners – the 7400, 7600iSE and 7600Ai – offer up to 7200dpi high-resolution scans from your 35mm negatives and transparencies to generate large digital files. All the scanners use Multi Sampling to minimise noise, Adaptive Colour Restoration (ACRTM) to improve colour saturation – particularly useful on faded old slides – and Smart Removal of Defects (SRDTM) to reduce and remove dust and scratch marks. Silver Fast software comes bundled to offer a better, acclaimed software interface. For those seeking the best quality scans, the 7600iSE adds an infrared scan to assist the SRDTM function, whilst the 7600Ai also adds Silver Fast Ai Studio for the most professional of solutions.