Company restructuring to give development resources to Pentax

One of the first major alterations to the structure of Pentax Ricoh Imaging since the takeover last year has occurred, placing the camera production responsibilities into the hands of Pentax. This leaves the Ricoh arm of the company to focus on security and business-to-business pursuits, rather than the consumer side of imaging.

This isn’t likely to mean Ricoh will completely disappear as a brand, more likely that the likes of the GXR will continue to be produced under the stewardship of the Pentax Imaging arm. It may mean a slight alteration to which models are produced, after all the likes of the Ricoh CX5 are in almost direct competition to the Pentax RZ10

This is the first indication of any separation of the two company’s responsibilities, as the likes of the Pentax K-01 were in production prior to Ricoh purchasing Pentax. We’ll be interested to see how the production of current lines is affected, and if development of further GXR modules will be altered. 

For more information head to Pentax’s website.