New Olympus Tough TG-820 and Olympus Tough TG-620 debut

Olympus has launched a pair of new Tough cameras, in the forms of the TG-620 and TG-820. Both boast a 12MP sensor and 5x optical zoom, with the main difference stemming from how far they can be dropped and submerged.

The TG-620 can be dropped 1.5 meters onto a hard surface and be taken down to 5 meters underwater. With a HD movie mode, recording in the 1080p resolution, and a 3inch, 460k dot screen the TG-620 seems to have the kind of specs to function well above the water as well as below it. The aesthetics are quite different from the model above, being far plainer.

The TG-820 has a more resolute screen, at 1.03 million dots, and can be dropped 2 meters, submerged 10 meters and have up to 100kg of pressure put on it. Otherwise the camera is virtually identical, being capable of surviving in down to -10 degrees celcius temperatures with a 12MP sensor and a 28-140mm zoom lens. 

Both models also boast Tap Control that allows a basic functions to be accessed by striking the camera on a particular side. Both models are available later on this month, priced at £269 for the TG-820 and £229 for the TG-620. More information can be found at Olympus’ website.