Version 1.01 adds new functionality

Pentax has announced the availability of the latest firmware update for its K-x DSLR. The latest DSLR, version 1.0.1 adds a range of functionality as well as improving current functionality.

The added functionality for the K-x includes three new effect shooting functions and the addition of Cross Processing function support to the models green button.

Alongside the new functions, the firmware also offers improved accuracy of the K-x’s Battery Level indication, as well as improved stability for general performance.

See below for full instructions on how to download and install the update.

Instructions to download

1.       Charge the camera battery fully.

2.       Go to the link:

3.       Logon with username: PentaxClient; password: PentaxClient

4.       Download updated firmware file as below;

For Windows : Kx_e101w.exe — x,xxx kbytes, LHA type, self-extracting files

For Macintosh : — x,xxx Kbytes, zip type


5.       Extract downloaded file – The following two files will be generated once the downloaded file is extracted by double-clicking;

Readme.txt: The text file that explains the update procedure in detail

Fwdc206b.bin: This is the updated firmware


6.       Copy fwdc206b.bin file to SD card (32 MB or more)

7.       Please now refer to the readme.txt file attached to the firmware before updating

8.       Once complete, delete the firmware file from the SD card via a PC to avoid potential damage to other devices.

9.       Delete firmware files from PC.