Pentax has confirmed to WDC that it will be making some changes to the sensor in its new DSLR, the K-7, before it goes on sale.

The news follows our review of the model, which was written using a sample containing the v.1.0.0 firmware update that was made available last week.

WDC acquired our sample of the K-7 at the official Pentax UK launch of the camera, where we were informed by Pentax that adding the Firmware update 1.0.0 would make it a full production sample suitable for review.

Pentax UK has now acknowledged that this was an error. A Pentax UK spokesperson told WDC Editor Nigel Atherton today:

‘We gave out the cameras for review in good faith, on the understanding that these were production cameras that could be distributed to the press for review, but have since learned that the engineers have decided to make some very small changes to the sensor before releasing the camera.’

We have amended the wording of our current Pentax K-7 review accordingly, and will post a new version of the review once we receive a new body containing the revised sensor.

WDC apologises for any confusion this has caused to our readers.