DMC-FX40 and DMC-FX550 complete with 25mm wide-angle lens and 3in touch-screen LCD respectively

Panasonic begun a busy day of announcements with the launch of two new models in its ‘FX’ series – the DMC-FX40 and DMC-FX550. The pair both fit in the the FX series’ mantra of ‘high picture quality and unique features’, with them both offering something different for the consumer.

First up is the FX40 – the slim 12.1MP compact  offers a 25mm ‘ultra-wide-angle’ LEICA DC lens, complete with powerful 5x optical zoom, along with Venus Engine V image processing and full iA image capture functionality.

The other addition to the FX series comes in the shape of the FX550 – a 12MP model also featuring the 25mm ‘ultra-wide-angle’ lens, but the main draw being a 3in touch screen LCD. The touch screen technology facilitates a hybrid control system, involving both button and LCD control operation, which can be further used to edit images.

Both models boast other new technologies, such as Face Recognition, and are set to be on shelves from April. For more information, and full specifications, head over to Panasonic.