UK photographers are invited to enter the fourth annual One Vision contest to help fight the stigma of HIV and AIDS.

Pharmaceutical firm Bristol-Myers Squibb has announced the launch of the fourth One Vision European photography competition in the UK, a contest that aims to help change the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV and AIDS across Europe. This year?s competition theme is ?Through the eyes of another? and the deadline for entries is Thursday, March 15.

?Progress in the field of HIV and AIDS has come a long way in the past two decades. Due to improved awareness, education and the development of innovative medicines, people with HIV and AIDS are living longer today,? said Fabrice Chouraqui, Head of Speciality Care, Bristol-Myers Squibb. ?However, despite these advances in science, HIV and AIDS remains a stigmatized condition. Through the art of photography, the One Vision photo competition aims to change perceptions on how this epidemic is seen.?

Over the last three years, the One Vision competition has drawn an increasing number of images depicting the way people live with HIV and AIDS. In 2005, there were approximately 700 entries from 18 European countries and in 2006, over 1300 entries were received from 25 European countries.

Yusef Azad, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the National AIDS Trust said, ?Visibility, of the right sort, is key to the equality and empowerment of people living with HIV. One Vision continues to set the best of standards ? avoiding stigma and condescension, inspiring respect, determination and hope.?

?This is the 3rd year that UKC have been a partner organization to the One Vision project and we are delighted to be again working with Bristol-Myers Squibb. One Vision is an innovative way of showing the different faces of HIV/AIDS and its continuing success will enable a European and maybe worldwide audience to see images that hopefully help de-stigmatize the disease,? said Stephen Bitti, Chief Executive, UKC.

Four European prizes (?5,000 first prize and ? 2,000 second prize, professional and amateur categories) and national prizes in participating countries (? 1,000 each) will be awarded by a panel of judges chaired by Robert Taylor and including prominent photographers and of representatives of HIV/AIDS associations. A special European prize of ?1,000 will be awarded by a UNAIDS representative and special European prize of ?1,000 will be awarded by the medical community.

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