Nikon has partnered with renowned strap developer Blackrapid to rework the designs of a couple of its sling straps

The two new sling-style straps, the Quick Draw Strap and the Quick Draw Strap S, have been refined from an original design by Blackrapid founder Ron Henry.

Both straps use Blackrapid’s slide mobility mechanism, which lets the camera slide up and down the length of the shoudler strap via the independently moving mount that holds it. Attaching via the tripod bush, this mount lets the camera hang upside-down at the user’s sid.

The Quick Draw Strap (pictured above) is a little more involved than its partner the Strap S, sporting an additional small underarm harnessing strap for greater security. The Strap S is a little more compact, with a slimmer shoulder pad.

Image: The Nikon/Blackrapid Quick Draw Strap S

Both have a couple of sensible new measures to protect cameras. An extra security tether holds the camera in case it somehow comes loose form the mount, anda special cover prevents the carabiner from scratching the camera body.

Nikon and Blackrapid recommend the Quick Draw Strap for DSLR users and the Quick Draw Strap S for wielders of smaller compact cameras. Nikon go on to say that the Quick Draw Strap S would be an excellent fit for cameras from the Nikon 1 series, but then they would say that sort of thing.

Concrete pricing and availability information is yet to be announced.

Via PetaPixel. Source: Nikon