'Racing Green', 'Burnt Orange' and 'Red Lizard' are just a few of the many signature skins with which UK users can now customise new and old Fujifilm X cameras

Fujifilm has rolled out ‘X Signature Skins’, a new service that allows customisation of X-series cameras with unique colours and textures.

The signature skins comprise a range of unique leather patterns in a variety of colours with such exciting names as ‘Beige Lizard’ and ‘Antiqued Black Croc’. The top plate can also be customised on certain cameras, with a choice of black or white.

Customised X-series cameras can be bought new, or you can package up a camera you already own and send it to Fujifilm to be Beige Lizarded (though you won’t be able to swap the colour of the top plate – you’re stuck with whichever you bought). This process will set you back almost £130.

Buying one of the Signature customised cameras new appears at this stage to cost the same as buying a vanilla version at recommended retail price.

Looking through the selection of skins we have to say that some of the combinations look rather swish. We do, however, have to question the wisdom of coating a stylish, attractive camera like the X20 in something called ‘Deep Pink Lizard’…


Pictured: A deep pink lizard.

The service hasn’t yet been rolled out for the entire X-series yet –
currently only the X10, X20, X100, X-Pro1 and X-E1 can be packed off for
customisation, and only the X20, X-Pro1 and X-E1 can be bought new.

So at the moment things are a little limited. However, given that there’s an option
to sign up to be updated when new colours become available, it seems
pretty clear that it’s set to expand.

You can take a look for yourself at Fujifilm’s accessory store.