Nikon has announced three new models to it’s S range of Coolpix compact cameras – the S3000, S4000 and S8000.

Starting off at the more affordable end of the spectrum is the S3000. The 19mm thick compact combines a 12MP sensor and 4x optical zoom, and offers a 2.7in LCD screen. The S3000 also offers a quartet of anti-blur features, including electric vibration reduction. Available from mid-March, the S3000 has an RRP of just £109.99.

Next is the Nikon Coolpix S4000. Sporting much the same specification as the S3000, the main distinguishing factor between the pair is that the S4000 features and eye-catching 3in touch screen. Available in Black, Pink and Gloss Red, the S4000 is also available mid-March, though pricing is yet to be announced.

The final addition to the S range is the Nikon Coolpix S8000 – a camera which Nikon claim is the world’s slimmest 10x optical zoom compact camera, measuring in at just 27.3mm thick. The S8000 also offers HD video capture at a resolution of 720p, along with a striking 3in, 920k-dot LCD screen. Available in Black, Brown and Champagne Silver, the S8000 will hit the market mid-February with an RRP of £249.99.

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