Become connected to people through the topics, places and events you photograph with your smartphone...

EyeEm is a sophisticated photo-sharing and discovery app for photo-enthusiasts that connects people around common topics, places and events through the photos they take. Open the app and it will deliver thousands of pictures of your specific surroundings to you.

Not only that, but it offers a suite of photography tools for enthusiasts, including a selection of image filters that you can apply to your shot, and a choice of ways to share the images you shoot.
Version 2.0 of the EyeEm app features a host of improvements to make it an even more powerful tool for photographers and photography-enthusiasts everywhere. Improvements include easy access to photos from any location directly upon opening the app.
EyeEm gets to know its users’ tastes and constantly monitors surroundings to connect them with other like-minded people through photographic image.
The concept originated after photographer and EyeEm co-founder Florian Meissner’s digital SLR camera was stolen on a subway in New York City. “I managed to pick up a used iPhone from a friend as a replacement and discovered a whole community of passionate people on Twitter and Flickr who enjoyed sharing their daily phone shots,” explained Meissner.
“Inspired by this kind of mutual appreciation, the ambition behind EyeEm is to connect people beyond their existing social networks.”
The updates come off the back of a combination of EyeEm’s own analysis of user behaviour and direct feedback from the wider community. In addition to the smartphone applications that the company is known for, EyeEm has invested in its web platform. New user profiles now incorporate personal avatars and status bubbles that can be updated to reflect thoughts and moods. In the coming weeks, the team plans to release an API that will enable developers to build upon the unique datacube of photos created through EyeEm, based on worldwide locations, topics and events.
“Since launching in August, our growing community – with members from 134 countries – has created over 35,000 unique locations and the platform has hosted 15,000 user events,” said Meissner. “It’s amazing to see how creatively our community uses the app to collaboratively take photos around topics, events and places in ways we haven’t even thought of. These results have inspired us to develop an alternative view on what is going on around us – through the viewfinders of thousands of smartphone photographers worldwide.”

In addition to the smartphone applications that the company is known for, EyeEm has invested in its web platform to reflect the changes made on the smallerscreens. In the coming months, the team plans to release an API that enables developers to build on the unique structure of photos based on locations, topics and events.

EyeEm is available now for free download from the iOS App Store and Android Marketplace