Users of the new iPhone 5s can now expand their mobile photography with new tools from Olloclip

If you’re already getting to grips with the 8-megapixel camera of your new iPhone 5s (the successor to the most popular camera on Flickr) then you may already be thinking about expanding your toolkit.

Olloclip might be the definitive source for iPhone photography accessories, and now has retooled its range to fit the new iPhone 5s.

The three available products are as follows:

3-in-one photo lens
: Olloclip’s clever flagship double-sided unit. By switching around the different components or flipping it from one side to the other, you can wield a macro lens with a focal distance of 12-15mm, a fisheye with a near 180º field of view or a wide-angle lens with approximately double the field of view of the normal iPhone camera.

Telephoto lens and circular polarising lens
: Another double-sided lens, with 2x optical magnification at one end and a miniature circular polariser at the other.

Quick-Flip case: Olloclip’s case features a ‘Quick-Flip’ corner that rotates to allow attachment of the dedicated lens products, and can also function as a shutter release.

The 3-in-one photo lens is currently available for £59, the telephoto lens/circular polariser for £99.95 and the Quick-Flip case for £29.95. The Olloclip Photo and Video app is also available on the iTunes store for free. To find out more, head to