With the GoPro HD Hero 3+ announced today, here are a few of the spectacular shots people have created with its predecessors

Adventurous photographers take note: GoPro today announced the HD Hero 3+, a smaller and lighter upgrade of the HD Hero 3, the latest in the popular series of rugged action cameras.

The toughness and versatility of the GoPro range has allowed people to be hugely creative, capturing unique extreme perspectives and shots that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. Here are a few of our favourite ways people have gotten creative with a GoPro:

Strapped to the back of an eagle

This one did the rounds online fairly recently: a GoPro camera captures a literal bird’s eye view from the perspective of a soaring eagle over the Chamonix region in France. Watch and prepare to suddenly feel extremely jealous of birds.

Used to create Matrix-style “bullet time”

YouTube user Jeremiah Warren isn’t the only person to have used GoPro cameras to create Matrix-style “bullet-time” effects with the camera rotating 360º, but this video of him setting off fireworks horizontally in the woods possibly makes him one of the most fearless. Check out his blog post for a detailed look at how he did it.

Also, here’s one of the same thing but done with puppies.

Strapped onto a fireman’s helmet (as he saves a kitten)

You could call it a little crass to turn have turned this into an advert (because it is). But at the same time, if this video from the POV of a truly heroic fireman doesn’t tug on your heartstrings at least a little then you’re probably dead inside.

Strapped to a kite

There aren’t many cameras that would survive being fixed to a kite that ditches into the sea after a lull in the wind. Fortunately for YouTube user Shawn Adams, the GoPro he used was one of them.

Used to shoot from the POV of a Motocross driver

Every time the bike leaves the ground your stomach will do funny things.

Used to shoot “Breaking Bad”

Yesterday saw the long-awaited conclusion of AMC’s legendary drama series “Breaking Bad”. One of the creative visual touches that set the show apart was its use of unusual POV shots, such as from the end of a shovel or from within a barrel of methylamine. Many of these were captured on GoPro cameras, a fact that the company enjoys pointing out.

The video above, by Vimeo user kogonada, is a compilation of these moments from throughout the whole series (but don’t worry: no spoilers).

The HD Hero 3+ is available now on the GoPro site, priced at £359.99.