Stunning shots from Astronomy Photographer of the Year show the wonders of our solar system and beyond

Image: Guiding Light to the Stars © Mark Gee (Australia). Earth and Space Winner and Overall Winner

The winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 were announced last week, and we managed to get a look behind the scenes.

Watch our video interview with competition judge Dr Marek Kukula below, then scroll down to see more of the fantastic pictures. Don’t blame us if you end up inspired enough to be seriously considering selling your car to buy a £10,000 telescope.


Image: Celestial Impasto: Sh2 – 239 © Adam Block (USA). Deep Space Winner

Image: M81 – 82 and Integrated Flux Nebula © Ivan Eder (Hungary). Deep Space Highly Commended

Image: Corona Composite of 2012: Australian Totality © Man-To Hui (China). Our Solar System Winner.

Image: Magnetic Maelstrom © Alan Friedman (USA). Our Solar System Runner-Up

Image: Rho Ophiuchi and Antares Nebulae © Tom O’Donoghue (Ireland). Deep Space Runner-Up.

Image: Ring of Fire Sequence © Jia Hao (China). Our Solar System Highly Commended.

Image: Saturn at Opposition System © Damian Peach (UK). Our Solar System Highly Commended.

Image: Moon Silhouettes © Mark Gee (Australia). People and Space Winner

Image: The Milky Way Galaxy © Jacob Marchio (USA, aged 14). Young Astronomy Photographer Winner.

Image: The Trapezium Cluster and Surrounding Nebulae © László Francsics (Hungary). Robotic Scope Winner.

Image: Venus Transit, Foxhunter’s Grave, Welsh Highlands © Sam Cornwell (UK). Sir Patrick Moore Prize for Best Newcomer Winner.

Image: Hi.Hello © Ben Canales (USA). People and Space Runner-Up.

If you’d like to see more, the Royal Observatory Greenwich will be exhibiting the winning images until February 2014.