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Nero, creators of liquid media technology, today introduced Nero Multimedia Suite 10, providing a fundamental shift from previous offerings of ‘all-in-one’ integrated applications to a new powerful multimedia bundle consisting of three standalone products. The three comprehensive products that make up Nero Multimedia Suite 10 are Nero Vision Xtra, which is dedicated to media organisation, advanced video editing and HD movie creation; Nero Burning ROM for disc burning and copying; and Nero BackItUp & Burn for backing up, synching and restoring data. These three robust products, plus additional multimedia tools, will grant home hobbyists a powerful solution which meets their multimedia project needs, yet provides ease of use, all at a great value.
Home hobbyists who enjoy creating and editing their home videos will greatly benefit from this product bundle. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 offers easy music, photo and video file management, advanced video editing which provides optimised HD performance with SmartEncoding and Blu-ray Disc authoring.

Additionally, it delivers superior disc burning, reliable backup technology and multimedia tools to enhance their creativity.
”During Nero’s fifteen years in business, more than 300 million customers have enjoyed using Nero’s product offerings to manage their content at home, on-the-go and online,” said Jürgen Kurz, CEO, Nero AG. “Nero Multimedia Suite 10 was developed using extensive market research and incorporating the feedback from over 150,000 consumers and home hobbyists. The feedback showed that existing ‘all-in-one’ offerings in the market are considered outdated and work more like Swiss army knives, being the ‘jack of all trades and the master of none’. As a result, Nero set out to create a true multimedia suite that offers separate, best-of-breed products dedicated to video creation and management, burning and backup. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 not only meets the needs of today’s customers, it also provides an incredible value.” 
Nero Multimedia Suite 10 consists of the following products:
Nero Vision Xtra
The all new Nero Vision Xtra is a combination of two robust, fully integrated applications: Nero MediaHub and Nero Vision. 
Nero MediaHub is the home base for playback, management and simple editing of multimedia files. It features an easy-to-use interface that lets users quickly organise, sort, search, play back and share music, photo and video files, organise music playlists, as well as create and edit slideshows with high quality Movie Themes – all from one place. From the same window, play back the most popular audio, video and photo formats such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, non-commercial Blu-ray, MPEG-4 AVC, (S)-VCD, AVCREC, audio CDs, as well as music playlists and slideshows. Easily publish music, slideshows and video projects to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs (including 24 progressive frame high quality cinema formats) or upload to leading social media communities, including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and the My Nero community.
Nero Vision is fully enhanced to provide professional-looking results with advanced video editing and authoring tools for Standard and High Definition movies. It includes cutting-edge features such as true multi-track editing, advanced Picture-in-Picture and overlay effects with full key frame control, Pan & Zoom, Chroma Key, Image Matt, Lens Distortion, Sharpen, Edge Feathering, Earthquake and more.

Users can look like pros with over 60 Menu Templates which can be used for creating disc menus (sports, kids & family, holiday, business and various other themes) including standard 2D, animated 2D and smart3D. To spruce up photos and videos, Nero Vision includes over 150 Clipart options like bubbles, lines, borders and frames.
Nero Vision also delivers superb HD performance including SmartEncoding for MPEG 2 and AVCHD, as well as NVIDIA CUDATM support for high-performance hardware accelerated H.264/AVC encoding. In addition, Nero Vision enables users to export to a large variety of file formats, including online, CDs, DVDs, AVCHD and Blu-ray Discs. It’s the perfect product for those home hobbyists who want to make an impact with their projects.
Nero MediaHub and Nero Vision work together seamlessly to bridge between basic and advanced video editing. Users can start a slideshow or home video project in Nero MediaHub and seamlessly transfer their project into Nero Vision by clicking on the “advanced editing” button. Packed with powerful features, Nero Vision Xtra lets users easily transform home video projects into cinema-quality High Definition movies and share them with family and friends.
Nero Burning ROM
When it comes to burning and copying CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, Nero Burning ROM delivers the industry’s leading burning solution. Loaded with features that go beyond just burning, Nero Burning ROM provides reliable, uninterrupted burns with superb playback quality of burned content.

Nero Burning ROM also integrates the recently announced SecurDiscTM 2.0 technology to increase the lifespan, reliability, security and integrity of user’s burned content. Its superb quality ensures long-lasting results that are readable regardless of scratches, age or deterioration. Working with any optical recording drive, SecurDisc 2.0 now includes support for Blu-ray Discs, in addition to CDs and DVDs. Plus, Nero SecurDisc Viewer is automatically included with every burn and works without installation or drivers. Users can easily protect their confidential data from unauthorised access with password protection and encryption, while ensuring its authenticity with digital signatures.
Using the Nero DiscSpan and Nero DiscMerge utilities, users can burn oversized files to multiple discs or different types of media and then merge them back together again. Plus, Nero Burning ROM has also been enhanced with support for new burning compilations and now supports AVCHD for DVDs and AVCHD / BD-MV for Blu-ray Discs.

Nero BackItUp & Burn
Nero-BackItUp & Burn is the ultimate in data protection providing reliable backup and recovery capabilities for all user’s valuable personal photos, music, videos and documents. Easily back up files, folders, drives and the entire system in a few easy steps. With state-of-the-art backup technology, users can secure files and protect entire systems from the effects of hard drive crashes, system failures and virus attacks. Launch the one-click Autobackup function, select the target and it automatically backups files in the background without intrusion. In addition, it’s easy to schedule regular backups with various methods, compression and protection levels to secure files.
Rest assured that any lost or deleted data can be safely recovered and restored quickly and easily, even from digital cameras, thumb drives or damaged media.
Nero BackItUp & Burn is not only about backup, recovery and restoration, but also about syncing data between computers and mobile devices for easy access to files and folders when on the go. With Nero BackItUp & Burn’s syncing features, files and folders can be synched directly to hard drives, laptops and USB flash drives or online.
PLUS Nero Multimedia Suite 10 – Multimedia Tools
Besides all the new applications and features, Nero Multimedia Suite 10 also contains well-known tools like:

Nero StartSmart – An updated GUI on this task-oriented command center makes it easy to access music, photo and video editing, burning, or backup applications. It includes an integrated Nero StartSmart Knowledge Center to increase user skills through online access to step-by-step tutorials and manuals, networking with the My Nero community, sharing blogs and tips with other Nero users and available add-ons and updates.
·         Nero DiscCopy Gadget – Quickly perform simple disc-copying operations from the desktop. 
·         Nero CoverDesigner – Create custom covers, labels and booklets for CD and DVD cases and more.
·         Nero SoundTrax – Create 5.1 surround mixes and digitise music from vinyl records or cassette tapes.
·         Nero WaveEditor – Edit music using various effects and sound enhancement tools.
·         Nero Recode – Automatically convert and compress DVD-Video or video files while maintaining optimal playback quality. 

Nero Toolkit – Increase PC performance with tools to manage rights, analyze discs and display system information.
Pricing and Availability
Pre-sale of Nero Multimedia Suite 10 starts today at for just £59.99. Starting April 12th, Nero Multimedia Suite 10 will be available in retail stores worldwide with a suggested retail price of £59.99.
Current Nero 9 users and previous version users can upgrade to Nero Multimedia Suite 10 at a special discounted price at
New products such as Nero Vision Xtra (£49.99), Nero Burning ROM (£39.99) and Nero BackItUp & Burn (£29.99) will only be available for purchase and download online at beginning April 12th.
For more information on Nero and its history, please visit . Become a fan of Nero on Facebook at, follow Nero on Twitter (@NeroSolutions) or join the My Nero community at

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