CP9800DW produces 100 6x4in prints in just 5 minutes, at an approximate cost of just 8p per print.

Mitsubishi Electric?s Visual Information Systems has introduced its latest high-end dye sublimation photo printer.

Aimed at the event and social photographer, as well as studios and photo kiosks, the CP9800DW boasts a range of high-end features.

The CP9800DW produces a range of borderless print sizes: 6x4in, 7x5in, 8x6in and 9x6in. The new printer also offers an impressive service life, with improved print head and cutter technology, meaning over 40,000 prints can be made before service is required, the manufacturer claims.

Dye sublimation technology is also present, ensuring that photos produced are instantly touch-dry and are resistant to water, as well as finger marks and fading.

The CP9800DW is available now at a retail price of £1100 plus VAT. For more information, visit www.mitsubishielectric.co.uk.