Review of the Pantone Huey Pro Monitor Calibrator

Manufacturer: Pantone
Model: Huey Pro Monitor Calibrator
Price: £100

To get the best from your digital photographs it’s important to have a correctly calibrated screen. It’s impossible to produce accurate colour-corrected images, if the colours on your monitor are inaccurate to start with.

Monitor calibration has become much easier during the past few years, and the Huey Pro has brought it a new level.

The Huey Pro software guides you through the process and calibration takes about five minutes, which is quicker than a lot of the previous systems. The sensor attaches to your screen via gentle suction cups, which are safe for LCD screens, and the pack contains screen wipes to ensure your monitor is clean.

However, the Huey doesn’t stop there.

We can’t all keep our PCs in a perfect environment – a low-lit room, with neutral walls and surfaces – and Pantone has recognised this problem. The Huey Pro actually sits in a cradle, and measures the ambient light as you work, so no matter what time of day or viewing conditions you are working in, your monitor will always look correct. We changed the lighting as I tested the device, from tungsten (low-energy bulbs) to direct sunlight and indirect sunlight. Within moments, the Huey’s LEDs started flashing and my monitor adjusted itself back to true colour.

One of the fastest and most useful monitor calibration systems I’ve seen, and child’s play to operate. Highly recommended.

Intuitive, fast and easy to use

None to report

What Digital Camera Score: 91%