A new exhibition, Extinct, is opening on December 7 at Hoopers Gallery in London.

Extinct, a major new exhibition, opens on December 7 at Hoopers Gallery in London and showcases Roger Hooper’s stunning photographs of endangered species.

All profits from sales will be donated to the UK branch of the World Wildlife Fund, and WWF-UK Head of Species, Diane Walkington, had this to say:
“Many species are moving closer every day to losing their fight to survive. Species which many of us have grown up with, expecting them to always be part of our world, to take our breath away, to astound us. This exhibition by Roger Hooper exhibits some of the species who need our support so that we can help to save them from extinction. As a staunch supporter of WWF for over four years, Roger has kindly offered to give all profits from sales of his prints to WWF-UK. Protecting the world’s species and their habitats lies at the heart of WWF’s mission; the charismatic animals captured in Roger?s amazing photographs inspire conservation efforts for themselves ? and for the thousands of lesser-known, but vitally important, plants and animals with which they co-exist. We have had some great conservation successes, such as doubling protected giant panda habitat in just the last five years, and bringing the tiger population in Russia back from the brink. With the help of dedicated people such as Roger, we can and will continue to find ways in which both humans and these wonderful animals can survive.”

The exhibition runs from December 7 to January 25, 2008. For more information visit www.hoopersgallery.co.uk or tel: 020 7490 3907