Leica to open own store

Leica is set to open its own brand store in central London this September. The store, due to be located in Bruton Place, Mayfair, is to offer a full showcase of all that the Leica brand has to offer.

The facility will comprise of a ground floor retail store both showcasing and selling all the latest Leica ear, first floor offices, a ‘Leica Akademie’ training and demonstration centre and Leica S-System studio.

“The Leica Store Mayfair and the first floor facilities are set to complement other Leica Dealers and grow the brand in the UK. In particular, the S-System studio will be fundamental to the launch of our first ultra high-end digital system developed for the professional market,” comments Leica Store commercial manager John Barron.

Visit Leica online for more information on the brand and the forthcoming store opening.