Ever wondered what happened to Minolta's excellent hand held exposure meters, when the company pulled out of the photo business and Sony bought their DSLR assets? Well they're back, under the 'Kenko' brand, with three new models.

Press Release

Kenko casts new light on exposure meters

The New range of Kenko range of meters are aimed at the professional and enthusiast photographer, offering exceptional build quality and a feature set designed with digital and traditional photography in mind.

The KFM-1100 meter measures both Flash and Ambient light taking reflected or incident readings via the swivelling head and with its memory function, can show the contrast range of a subject via the analogue LCD scale. Photographers can also measure the ratio of Flash vs ambient light, ensuring they have has the correct balance to capture the mood of the subject.

The KFM2100 has advanced features, offering average and spot measurement using the built in viewfinder. A latitude display and its shadow or highlight preservation functions will help photographers maintain detail in these areas of their subject and can be combined with a 10 point memory function for maximum accuracy. An average or spot reading can also be compared with a highlight or shadow area showing the stop value difference which can be particularly useful for calculating which ND Grad is best suited to preserving sky detail in a scene.

The Colour Meter KCM-3100 sets the benchmark for colour metering for both traditional and Digital photography with 10 memory channels which can be calibrated for different film types or to a particular colour setting on your digital camera.

Kenko meters will be available from professional photographic stockists in September from £199.99 inc Vat.

For further details please visit www.intro2020.co.uk or telephone 01628 674411.