u201cInteractive, slow paced and funu201d is how Iridius is billing its first Summer School for photographers, creatives and print professionals.

?Interactive, slow paced and fun? is how Iridius is billing its first Summer School for photographers, creatives and print professionals.
The company has organised five seminars to take place this summer, covering Apple?s Aperture software and Photoshop. Each daylong workshop costs £147 and provides a group of 20 people the chance to master various aspects of these two professional level software packages.


Aperture: A complete workflow
17 August 2006
Irrespective of photographic style, Aperture’s RAW workflow allows photographers to easily import, organise, catalogue, retouch, edit, publish and archive their images without ever needing to convert to another file format. In addition, seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop and support for the Adobe DNG format makes Aperture an efficient and effective tool for all workflows from capture through to print. This event is aimed at those who are serious about reducing the amount of time spent in front of their computer and wish to develop new skills.

Suggested content:
Advanced RAW workflow
Project management
Non-destructive image editing
Integration with Adobe Photoshop
Dynamic web and print publishing
Successful printing

Location: Apple Store, Regent Street, London

Photoshop: From film to digital
22 August 2006
For many experienced photographers making the move from film to digital has been challenging. A transition requiring users to become familiar with new tools, develop new skills and learn an entirely new vocabulary. This seminar is aimed at photographers working or planning to work digitally.

Suggested content:
Understanding the relationship of image size and resolution
Considering bit depth
Organising your images
Working with IPTC metadata
Shooting RAW or JPG
sRGB versus Adobe RGB
Camera RAW workflows
Optimising images
Non destructive image editing
Automating routine tasks

Location: Adobe UK, Stockley Park, Uxbridge (Nr Heathrow)

Creative Photoshop: Beyond the basics
23 August 2006
Recognising that the pressures of working within a design environment often means working long hours and tight deadlines; with little opportunity to spend time developing new skills or honing existing ones, we have created the ultimate day of creative know-how for Adobe Photoshop.
This day aims to fast-track attendees up to speed with the latest techniques, offer new solutions to common problems and deliver results in minutes.

Suggested content:

Discovering Adobe Bridge
Demystifying layers
Understanding layer masks
Creating and scripting layer comps
Advanced use of channels
Selective sharpening
Combining vector and pixels
Working with 3D
Mastering the Wacom tablet

Location: Adobe UK, Stockley Park, Uxbridge (Nr Heathrow)

To book a place on an Iridius course, visit: www.iridius.co.uk/summerschool