Hasselblad is offering photographers the chance to win top of the range camera systems to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary.

As part of Hasselblad’s 100th anniversary celebrations marking the birth of its founder, the manufacturer is offering photographers from around the world the chance to win key products from Hasselblad’s stable of high-end photographic products.

Hasselblad?s anniversary campaign encourages photographers to provide their opinion and insight on the challenges and opportunities facing the photographer of tomorrow. Hasselblad will use the feedback from photographers to improve and develop its products.

For the chance to win either a new Hasselblad H3D or a limited edition Hasselblad 503CWD camera, photographers can enter the Hasselblad Anniversary Quiz at www.hasselblad.com/anniversary. The quiz, which comprises four rounds running until the 27th November, is based around a fictional young photographer named Pete, who has just been hired by a studio to shoot the photographs for a cookery book. In each of the four rounds, Peter is given a photographic assignment related to different parts of the book. By answering Peter?s questions, entrants will be given a chance to win one of the great Hasselblad cameras that Peter uses in the photo shoots.

The prize for the first round of the competition is a Hasselblad H3D-22 camera, the 22 megapixel version of Hasselblad?s new H3D, the world?s first 48mm full-frame DSLR camera system. The prize also includes Hasselblad?s new waist-level viewfinder, offering a choice of viewfinders ? eye or waist-level. The second round prize is another Hasselblad H3D-22 camera, but with the addition of a new Hasselblad 28mm HCD lens, the world?s first 28mm wide-angle lens for a 48mm DSLR camera system. Participating in the third round of the competition gives photographers a chance to win a limited edition Hasselblad 503CWD camera, which was developed specifically to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Victor Hasselblad?s birth.

Entrants who have taken part in all of the first three rounds then have the opportunity to participate in the fourth round and be eligible to win the grand prize ? a H3D-39 camera, which offers an unsurpassed 39 megapixels on the largest image sensor currently available in digital photography.

Commenting on Hasselblad?s Global Anniversary Dialogue Campaign, Chief Executive Officer, Christian Poulsen, says: ?Given Victor Hasselblad?s burning passion for photography and deep understanding of photographic tools, he was very much aware that cameras should spring from a photographer?s needs, not from an engineer?s. This campaign continues our tradition of incorporating the ideas and opinions of photographers into our product development and underscores the high level at which we value such feedback.?

For a chance to win one of the products above and to receive offers on Hasselblad photo equipment, complete the online questionnaire at: www.hasselblad.com/anniversary